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IronbridgeIt would be impossible to refer to the industrial revolution without thinking of Ironbridge. the very name evokes images of the innovation, industry and progress that typified the period. for many, the symbol of this remarkable age is the Iron Bridge itself, which still attracts curious tourists today, as it did when it was first built. ironbridge the town spans the gap from Georgian practicality to contemporary charm as elegantly as the bridge itself spans the Severn.

Like so much of Shropshire, Ironbridge offers something for each member of the family. now a World Heritage site, this beautiful valley is the setting for ten facinating museums. As if this vast range of exhibits and demonstrations wasn't enough, the original factory buildings take you on a journey back in time to the birth of Britain's Industrial Revolution.

Your first stop should certainly be one of the museum's ticket offices, where you can pick up a Passport Ticket. This gives unlimited daytime access to all the museums for a year. If you simply can't take it all in, you have the perfect excuse to return for another visit. You might call that astonishing value for money, but to shropshire folk it's simple hospitality.

Blists Hill Victorian townOnce in, the museums are thoughtfully designed to delight and amaze every generation with hands-on and interactive exhibits. Enginuity, the valley's newst museum, brings things bang up to date with countless fun ways to help you understand design and technology. it's all hands on; for the children's benefit, naturally.

For a taste of the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England there is Blists Hill Victorian Town. Here your decimal cash is replaced with pounds, shillings and pence and you mingle with friendly and well-informed Victorian residents dressed in historic costumes. Steam rallies, vintage cycle events and wedding celebrations go on at various times throughout the year. In the summer there is even a fully operational Victorian fairground. Visit shops, cottages and workshops and even buy a pint, although not necessarily in that order!

Coalport China MuseumUntil 1926 Coalport china was made here in ironbridge. For lovers of ceramics, a visit to the old factory - now the Coalport china museum, and the Jackfield Tile Museum (just over the river) will be too fascinating to miss, as there are often live demonstrations and workshops. The Tar Tunnel, Broseley Pipeworks and Darby Houses provide yet more insight into industrial life.

Naturally the Gorge has its own Museum of Iron which proudly tells the history of smelting from the early days of Abraham Darby I, right up until the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Which brings us to the true gem, the Iron Bridge itself. built in 1779, Abraham Darby III's Georgian masterpiece was the World's first ever iron bridge. Its inspired design generated countless imitations around the World. In typical no nonsense manner the great structure was simply called The Iron Bridge and gave its name to the small town where it still stands today.

You could easily spend a whoile week here, but would that be long enough?

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