Ironbridge Shropshire

Ironbridge Food & Drink

You probably know all about Ludlow's Michelin stars, rosettes and red-hot knives and forks. Well, we're delighted to say there's more to Shropshire's groaning board than one centre of excellence, however scruptious.

But how to start? With a decent breakfast, closely followed by morning coffee with Shrewsbury biscuits, a trip to market for farm-fresh produce, a good lunch, tea with gingerbread, a pint of real ale in a country inn when the evening comes and a four gourmet dinner to celebrate the end of the day. No other English county can compete with the quality of our raw materials or the standards of artistry of our chefs. Betcha.

In and around Ironbridge, you'll find a wide range of international cuisine to be wined and dined on. Chinese, French, Italian, Indian and Thai, thats quite a plateful.

Many of our fine hotels and inns have ideal restaurants which are the perfect place to experience stars, rosettes, knifes, forks and exceptional food in great abundance.

Even if you have ventured out to explore one the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, you needn't feel left out. You can experience food and drink victorian style at the Forest Glen Pavilion, or how about a pie and pint in our victorian pub?

There's plenty of choice for vegetarians and liquid refreshment is available to all our real ale fans.

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